The Joy of Storytelling – A KneoWorld Narrative

 “Children love stories. Stories are magic, they can create other worlds, emotions, ideas and make the everyday seem incredible. They can teach us empathy and take us on terrific journeys. They can make us laugh, cry, jump with fright and then comfort us with a happy ending.”  Carys Shannon Storytelling is an art. It is … Read more

Let’s Dive into Observational Data and How Teachers Use it to Inform and Differentiate Instruction

As a teacher, how do you know if your students are on track or whether you need to adjust your teaching methods to support the needs of your students? Educators need up-to-date information on their learners’ progress, which is why KneoWorld has designed its program of learning to make this available. Each unit has been … Read more

Why Preconceived Ideas Impact Children’s Learning

Part of KneoWorld’s vision is to provide an educational platform that enables access for all. It is important that children do not fall through the cracks resulting in missed opportunities. They emphasize how equity in education is of paramount importance and that part of setting up for success is listening to the needs of both … Read more

Let’s Dive into KneoWorld – Kindergarten Literacy

Over previous articles we have explored a lot of the key concepts that make up the theory behind KneoWorld’s education program. In this blog, we take a look at a typical lesson and how it supports children’s learning and development. A Scaffolding Approach Each unit of work is based upon the ‘Gradual Release of Responsibility … Read more

Confidence & Resilience: A Recipe for Success

Having a “growth mindset” is a key element of KneoWorld’s pedagogy and one that underpins their programs. It explores the notion that in order to develop and grow, one needs to feel positive and confident. There is a clear connection between learning outcomes and emotional wellbeing. But is this something that comes naturally, or is … Read more

Social and Emotional Competency in a Post-Pandemic World

If someone had said two years ago that Educators would have to change their entire teaching methodology, who would have believed them? Who could have predicted the unprecedented crisis of Covid-19? In a bid to stop the spread of the virus, stores, offices, community buildings, and schools were closed while people stayed at home. According … Read more