Professional Development for Educators

We provide teacher professional development options to empower educators with easy to implement solutions.

We also work with schools and districts to create customized PD packages to meet individual instructional goals.

Story-based Learning in the Modern Classroom

Storytelling has been used as a way of teaching for millions of years. The modern classroom is no different and recent research supports this as an effective learning tool, regardless of the subject.

Kneoworld offers teachers professional development with hands-on workshops to equip educators with knowledge and resources so they may effectively use storytelling in their everyday classroom.

15-30 PD credit hours (where allowed).

The Need for Innovation and Integrated Content Model

It can be a real challenge to use different models of teaching in the classroom. This teacher training gives educators the opportunity to explore strategies and gain valuable knowledge in knowing “how” they can use integrated content instruction in their classroom.

15-30 PD credit hours (where allowed).

Pop-up PD: Engaging, hands-on workshops

Pop-up Professional Development sessions are teacher directed workshops designed to expand the participants’ expertise in the areas of game-based learning, storytelling, creativity, and critical thinking.

Join us for fun, hands-on exploration of the topics that interest you!

15-30 PD credit hours (where allowed).