About KneoWorld

Our vision: Reimagining learning for today.

KneoWorld is a unique program designed for today’s blended learning environment. Our engaging adventure lessons and resources are loved by students and educators both in the USA and around the world. Used in-class or as a homeschool curriculum, the program’s data-driven analytics provide insights to offer tailor made learning experiences.

KneoWorld strives to achieve equity in education in all that we do.

Our Story

Following the successful integration and outstanding results in a number of NYC additional needs schools, demand for our program expanded. KneoWorld is designed to support teachers, engage learners, and is used in both general education and schools with an additional needs’ focus. The unique approach of story-based lessons and games captivates students of all abilities, this paired with analytics measures progress to give educators an informed understanding of academic growth.

KneoWorld’s mission is to create high quality, equity-driven content to accelerate reading, math, social emotional learning, and STEM. We integrate technology with hands-on learning in unique ways to empower students’ creativity and drive to learn.

As passionate educators and leaders with over 40 years’ experience in elementary school and kindergarten, we were frustrated with the existing programs for districts and homeschoolers. Students often found the curriculum boring; teachers felt they were inadequate and learning outcomes were difficult to measure or manage.

“Teachers are the experts in their students’ educational needs. I believe teachers need champions and KneoWorld provides expert teachers with tools and resources to accelerate reading, math, social emotional learning, and STEM in ways that empower students to learn.”

– Dr. Denine Jimmerson, Director of Education and Curriculum

We have spent 10 years undertaking research and development across the globe to understand what is missing and how we can aid educators in an ever-changing world. Together, our engineers and dedicated pedagogues created a program that is ideal for today’s classroom and homeschool programs. Through the lens of storytelling, game-play, and hands-on activities, learning is enriched and social-emotional learning is supported. KneoWorld has created a very-much needed platform unlike anything else to educators and students.

KneoWorld’s Story-based Learning provides:

  • High quality research-based, effective foundational instruction, with differentiated supports for all students.
  • Targeted assessments for students performing below grade-level.
  • Ongoing integrated progress-monitoring to ensure effectiveness of teaching and interventions.
  • Contents, support, and solution to meet your children’s unique learning needs.

We want to enrich student learning and make it easy for children to access quality material. We also endeavor to support teachers and homeschooling parents with tools and resources that not only make a big difference to their student’s learning outcomes, but make life easier for them.

KneoWorld partners with educators and homeschoolers to develop and support resources that accelerate student learning and engagement.