Schools and Districts – How It Works

Story-based learning is a time-tested and highly effective method for teaching students with a diverse range of skills and academic needs. KneoWorld’s immersive blended learning program harnesses the power of the narrative to integrate social and emotional learning with literacy and math instruction.

Transforming Classroom Learning

KneoWorld’s enrichment Literacy and Math program is designed to empower educators with key strategies for student-centered learning. Our approach emphasizes the importance of asset-based teaching, the gradual release of independence to students, and enhancing literacy through the Science of Reading. We specialize in turning misconceptions into valuable learning opportunities, establishing our guides as fundamental tools for enriching classroom experiences.

Why KneoWorld Works

Learning Stories

Beautifully crafted, specific grade level stories that bridge conceptual understanding with problem-solving skills.

Task-Based Games

Mapped and measured to academic standards, these games allow students to practice key skills and concepts while providing educators with real-time formative data that can be used to make differentiation easy.

Adventure stories

Connect your students with our cast of KneoExplorers who take them on an epic journey of discovery. These stories engage students with storytelling while reinforcing skills combined with reading, math, social studies, science, and critical thinking.

Brain Games

KneoWorld offers hundreds of problem-solving educational activities to inspire and motivate. Through the power of play, students practice key skills in critical thinking.

Hands-on Activities and Challenges

Introduce creative thinking challenges! KneoWorld’s hands-on activities give students new ways to work with skills and concepts off-screen. Every activity is academic standard aligned and requires little or no prep time.

Measure Progress

KneoWorld’s Analytics is a simple and user-friendly online dashboard where principals, teachers, and parents can effortlessly review academic growth. These immediate and measurable results allow educators to tap into the individual needs of their students and offer alternatives for achieving their learners’ goals. Game-based challenges assess children’s progress.