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What is KneoWorld and its learning approach?

What is KneoWorld?

KneoWorld’s blended learning program is an innovative, research-based approach for students and teachers in and out of the classroom. Our complete program of customizable content, professional development and data-driven resources is validated by educators to support districts and schools in their pursuit of meeting the instructional needs of ALL learners. Developed to enrich reading and math instruction, our powerful analytics show student academic growth and mastery. This program helps teachers differentiate to meet their individual student’s learning needs.

Why is blended learning so important for your students?

Blended learning refers to an instructional strategy where teachers and students are interacting using a “blend” of computer-based and face-to-face instruction with a teacher. There are all sorts of variations of blended learning models out there, and there is no one “right” way to implement blended learning in your classroom.

As you already know, using a diverse repertoire of instructional strategies and resources is important. All students learn differently, and you usually have a class of learners who are at vastly different places in their learning progressions.

Using Blended Learning instructional strategies helps you meet the individual needs of your learners. The computer-based components of a blended learning program make it easy to differentiate your student’s specific needs by providing them with “just right” levels of learning that are usually student-centered and move at a pace controlled by the student. The face-to-face components of a blended learning program encourage collaborative, hands-on activities that reinforce independent learning and allow teachers to directly facilitate experiences that not only meet the needs of each individual student, but also the whole class.

Is KneoWorld aligned with curriculum?

Our Story-based Lessons are founded on current curriculum and are aligned to CCSS as well as other multiple state/ district’s standards (including various international curricula). Specific learning outcomes are mapped to measure growth and proficiency. Content for Pre-K to 6th grade includes Math, ELA, Science, Art, Critical Thinking and coming soon in 2021…. STEM and Social Studies.

How will KneoWorld address my school’s instructional needs?

As well as having access to hours of mapped learning programs, KneoWorld’s unique content development system allows us to rapidly customize lessons and games to enhance district-specific curricular support requirements. We work one on one with districts and schools to understand their needs and can curate meaningful curriculum-based programs that are proven to make a difference.

What is a Google Education Partner?

Google for Education Partners are a select group of organizations recognized by Google for their delivery of high-quality integrated education technology products. We’re so thrilled to partner with Google globally to provide seamless access from the KneoWorld platform to the Google for Education Suite (GSuite) of products. This partnership not only allows for single sign on (SSO) but the experience of Google’s premium text to voice.

What is Single Sign-On (SSO)?

68% of schools in the US use Google Education to access their online programs. The single sign on process removes the need for users to remember and manage multiple passwords and therefore takes the stress off the teacher.

Do you offer a trial?

You can book a demo with us, no problem. Send us an email or click the demo button on our home page and we’ll be in touch.

What does Assign & Go mean?

KneoWorld’s Assign & Go system provides teachers with the option to literally assign a sequence of lessons that build upon each other for students to proceed through at their own pace. Teachers are often overwhelmed and have plenty on their plates. Teachers also have the option to cherry-pick and assign specific lessons too!

Lessons and in the classroom

What is narrative-based learning and why is it important?

Narrative-based learning is a learning model grounded in research that shows that humans naturally learn within the context of narratives and stories. These narratives/stories help provide a cognitive structure for knowledge and give people a common experience to communicate ideas and perceptions with each other.

KneoWorld’s blended learning program implements this learning model, giving learners language (within the stories) to build their understanding of key concepts using stories as a way to create meaning and share experiences with others. Our lessons also give students practice with contextualizing language to increase their academic vocabulary in meaningful ways.

What is blended learning?

Blended learning (BL) is an approach to education that combines online educational materials and opportunities for interaction online with traditional place-based classroom methods. It requires the physical presence of both teacher and student, with some elements of student control over time, place, path, or place.

Can I differentiate the lessons between different students in the same grade level?

KneoWorld’s Blended Learning Program makes it easy to differentiate lessons between different students in the same grade. The lessons are designed to follow mini learning progressions within grade-level concepts and skills that allow the

teacher to assign learners to content that is right for them wherever they are in their mastery of the skills and concepts being covered in the content.

How does KneoWorld work in class?

KneoWorld is a blended learning program that makes differentiated instruction easy for teachers with whole groups, small groups, and individual instruction.

This program provides supporting resources that outline hands-on activities to help students on and offline. We also offer educator workshops (differentiated professional development) complete with Lesson Plans that provide participants with 15-30 PD credit hours (where allowed).

How do I integrate it into my classroom curriculum?

We have PreK – Grade 6 curriculum planners, to help you plan how to use KneoWorld Lessons as part of your teaching plan. We provide Lesson Plans and student workbooks with both on and off-screen activities that are guaranteed to keep students engaged and wanting more. Our education writers, designers and developers are always on standby to help and we can create individual lessons crafted to suit a particular subject or learning domain.

How often does KneoWorld update its program content?

Updating content is ongoing. KneoWorld relies on our clients for feedback for continuous improvement and expansion.

Our team of pedagogues, curriculum experts, writers, and graphic artists are always developing and designing new lessons, games, additional stories, more extensive analytics and expanding programs for all students. We welcome new ideas and suggestions!

What does KneoWorld professional development look like?

Although KneoWorld is designed intuitively, our team of educational experts comes to your school to walk the teachers and users through the programs. We will tailor the professional development to your school’s needs. We use the “Teach the Teacher” model and are always available to provide support.

Is KneoWorld suitable for students with IEP’s?

Absolutely! KneoWorld supports individualized learning plans and enhances classrooms adapting to UDL, differentiated

instruction, and personalized learning.

Getting set up, ongoing customer service support and security

Getting set up, ongoing customer service support and security

Absolutely not, we have made as easy as possible. We provide teachers and/or parents with Admin and students have their own safe login. Of course, if your school uses Google Education you can instantly access KneoWorld as we are a Google Education Partner which means we are linked in with Google sign-on (also known as Single Sign-On or SSO). We also have our friendly tech team here 9 am – 5 pm PT every day of the week if you need a hand.

What if I need customer support?

We are here to help. We support the client through demos and professional development workshops. If you are having any technical difficulties, you can reach us at support@KneoWorld.com or call 800-213-7456.

Do KneoWorld programs work on all operating systems and browsers?

You can access KneoWorld from any device including desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. It is a safe online educational platform and not available as an App.

Are my student’s personal details safe online?

Security is just as important as education to us. We adhere to US data security legal regulations. It is also a key requirement that all end users comply with the requisite privacy and security regulations.

What kind of data is possible to collect through KneoWorld?

We collect a magnitude of data for educators to work with. It helps to identify where individual children may be falling behind or excelling and provides teachers with insights into student progression against standards. The data can be generated into individual student reports.

What kind of data is possible to collect through KneoWorld?

Simply email us at info@KneoWorld.com or call on 800-213-7456.
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