The Power of KneoWorld: A Mother’s Perspective

The United States of America is home to around 335 million people and according to the United States Census Bureau, approximately 22% of those speak a language other than English at home.

There is no doubt that being raised in a bilingual home benefits the child. Kapa and Colombo, 2013, as referred to by Michigan State University, suggest that bilingual young adults had better attention and concentration skills than those who were monolingual. This stems from an early age when bilingual toddlers are learning to talk through the notion of “cognitive flexibility.” 

Since this is a transferable skill across other areas of life, as children get older they become more capable problem solvers and planners. They also have the capability to retain information whilst also performing other tasks.

It is with this transformative information in mind, that those children are supported as they take their first steps between pre-K activities and the first year of school. Walking alongside are their families who are as much a part of the KneoWorld program as their children. Educators are equipped with the knowledge and resources to provide a holistic learning experience that goes beyond traditional teaching methods. This strength-based approach ensures that children’s creativity, critical thinking, literacy and math proficiency are nurtured from day 1 to foster a culture of equity and inclusion.

With positive communication and feedback structures, displaying their child’s progression and mastery in real-time, KneoWorld’s story-based learning builds strong parent partnerships while setting children up for academic success.

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KneoWorld aims to support family engagement and do this via a school readiness program that supports early literacy and numeracy. Their programs can be utilized both in school and at home and can be offered in partnership with education authorities. 

Here’s one mom’s perspective on how it has helped their child’s learning:

“My daughter was super excited.”

Many families’ primary language at home is a language other than English.  We interviewed one mom and she was thrilled to notice the KneoWorld program was enriching from the first moment for her 5-year-old daughter. The colorful characters captivated her attention and opened her mind to the learning journey she was about to begin.

It is well established that children learn through play, and this mom’s reaction to her daughter’s involvement goes a step towards solidifying that notion.

“She did five lessons in one day! She was super excited. It’s really clear for her to understand the story and complete the activities!”

So, what makes KneoWorld different from other learning tools she has used before?

While Netflix, YouTube, and other visual platforms have their place in the world, there seemed to be an emphasis on ‘singing.’ Children would engage in a make-believe world where music would be at the core. The lessons are learned through song and while they add value, can really only be mastered if you already have a solid understanding of the language. Mom noticed that her daughter seemed to grasp the concepts quicker through KneoWorld as opposed to those previously mentioned.

Children are invited to listen to the story at the beginning of the lesson, which contains the teaching component. Even mom said that her daughter needed to listen very carefully in order to be able to understand what to do for the fun activities. Because the story’s characters kept her engaged, the learning happened naturally. This immersive experience is translated into positive outcomes from the activities.

For families with diverse language experiences, this is valuable.

The KneoWorld program is not passive, meaning that it expects children to listen, understand and move on. It is interactive and tactile. The language is approachable and age-appropriate meaning that the children connect. The aesthetics draw the children in, making them want to do more to prove their successes.

“They have activities in the video that she can choose, that she can touch the screen… she was super excited, “Mommy, now this one!”

There is power in the lessons.

KneoWorld supports learning, and that in itself is powerful. Add that to the fact that the program is curriculum aligned and designed to build confidence and produce immediate, measurable results is the key to its success.

“I learned about the power we have to teach the kids. We have so much power with them, and this is an initiative that is really good for them because it’s entertaining. And to see her so excited about it was really good for me.”

Working together in partnership with schools and early learning centers adds value and enables providers to implement equitable and accessible programs of learning.

It is hard to go past this mom’s enthusiasm for the program, brought about simply by the joy and learning outcomes she sees in her own child. We know that there is a connection between positive attitudes and positive outcomes and that consistent reinforcement is powerful for the child’s learning journey.

Keeping the momentum going.

Mom says it’s easy when you can see the outcomes, and even easier when you know, as a parent, how to support your child.

“I’m trying to do more activities like that with her because I see that it works with her… it was super easy, really clear instructions.”

Kneoworld is suitable for whole groups, small groups and individualized learning. Just as each child is unique, so is their learning. By providing individualized programs that can be tailored to your student’s needs, students remain engaged and on-track to achieve their academic targets. 

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