Let’s Dive into Observational Data and How Teachers Use it to Inform and Differentiate Instruction

As a teacher, how do you know if your students are on track or whether you need to adjust your teaching methods to support the needs of your students? Educators need up-to-date information on their learners’ progress, which is why KneoWorld has designed its program of learning to make this available. Each unit has been … Read more

Learning Through Play: KneoWorld’s Pedagogical Approach

Current and historical research identifies early childhood development as a significant and important part of life. From birth through age eight, children are building the foundations upon which all other learning can take place. This foundational learning happens through playing.   Engaging in fun and stimulating activities t make them memorable experiences. Encouraging children to … Read more

Setting up for success: Listening to the needs of children and educators

In 2018, Dr Monica Carr of Australia’s Monash University undertook research to find out whether the KneoWorld program would be of benefit to students who found learning difficult in mainstream education. 67% of the children sampled had been diagnosed with a variety of neurodivergent conditions such as Oppositional Defiance Disorder (ODD), Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder … Read more

Breaking down barriers: Making an equitable difference to your students

Equity in education is important to understand. This shift in pedagogy requires children, educators, and their families to work together to make sure no one gets left behind. It insists we change our way of thinking, value every child, and challenge social injustices. Traditional methods of learning are usually linear, aimed at filling children with … Read more