Deeper Involvement of Family

As our world and the demands of families and teachers gets busier it is important for us to still feel a sense of connection. Schools are therefore looking to focus their attention on increasing family engagement and developing more meaningful relationships between teachers and parents. While it may be a key goal for schools, many don’t have access to the tools and resources to support them.

That’s where KneoWorld provides a clear and proven solution. 

Parents have access to real-time data generated from the educational technology their child uses in class. This empowers them to not only understand their progress, but gives them valuable information on how best to support their child at home. KneoWorld offers online and offline resources that make sense to families without the need for any additional or specialist knowledge and allows them to build upon the knowledge and skills learned at school. This is crucial for developing positive and meaningful home-school relationships that promote student success.

KneoWorld’s Director of Curriculum, Denine Jimmerson explains: 

“In every lesson, there are easy-to-share and Home Connection Activities. They’re easy to use because there’s no preparation required for teachers or families; and they’re specific hands-on ideas that are aligned with each skill or concept covered in the in-class lesson.”  

They value parents’ significant role in their child’s educational success by making it easy for them to engage with. There are no lengthy explanations, and with the touch of a button, they can log in to the platform to access their child’s progress records at home. Providing a link between home and the classroom is crucial for engaging families in their child’s learning 

KneoWorld’s approach to this is twofold.

First, the KneoWorld data platform provides specific information on each of the students. This in turn informs the teacher’s decisions in order to meet the individual needs of each of those children. 

Secondly, the information is also delivered to parents. KneoWorld recognizes and appreciates that teachers don’t always have time to explain the skills and concepts learned in the classroom – particularly at the end of the day when those “how is my child doing?” conversations occur. Instead, they simply advise the parent which Unit and Lesson they have covered, knowing they have sufficient understanding of the platform to locate their child’s progress records. As a result, families are equipped with everything they need to enrich those skills and concepts at home.

“Data-sharing becomes easier, which leads to better communication and collaboration between teachers and families. Sustainable and long-lasting progress can be achieved and strengthened once there is transparency, trust, and synergy between teachers and caregivers.” Hope Hou, KneoWorld.

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