Educational Equity. Embedding It Into Your Teaching Practices.

A recent social media post highlighted the difference between equality and equity.  Imagine this scenario.

Louis, a 5-year-old child goes to his teacher after falling over and asks for a band-aid for his scraped knee. No problem, all fixed. Sarah, another child in the same class, accidentally hurts her finger. The teacher offers her a band-aid for her knee. Confused, she asks why she needs to put it on her knee when it’s her finger that hurts. A while later, Joey has stubbed his toe and he now needs a band-aid, too. The teacher says, no problem, here’s a band-aid for your knee. He is also confused since he has hurt his toe and not his knee.

This is an example of equality. Each child is being treated the same, no matter what their concerns are.

What if each child was given a band-aid and told to apply it to the area they hurt? Louis fixes his knee, Sarah her finger, and Joey puts his band-aid on his toe. This is an example of equity.

Each child is offered the solution that best meets their needs.

KneoWorld is an educational program that supports learner success with its focus on accelerating learning through the lens of educational equity. When we teach without differentiation, only some children will thrive. By offering each learner an individualized program, we meet each learner’s individual needs. Learners feel safe when they believe they are understood and recognized.

KneoWorld understands learning is not linear and the journey to mastering concepts and skills can take many forms. The program’s onscreen and offscreen resources provide learners the tools they need to build their knowledge. KneoWorld’s programs engage, excite and encourage learners to rethink social and world contexts – what the bigger picture is and how that affects them.

Learners are encouraged to:

  • Reflect upon their own behavior in different situations.
  • Understand the importance of caring for others and the environment.
  • Think creatively to solve problems.
  • Engage in imaginative learning and stories that promote inclusion.

See how KneoWorld can support equality in your classroom with differentiated instruction to help bridge the learning gap.

The foundations of KneoWorld are steeped in a rich philosophy, based on humanistic pedagogical theory. KneoWorld’s program is multifaceted, supporting children in their academic and social-emotional learning, which is embedded into the program’s teaching practices. KneoWorld also reflects the learner’s community, demonstrating respect and reflecting diversity.

The differences between traditional teaching methods and KneoWorld’s program are clear. In addition to looking towards a results-based curriculum, KneoWorld helps educators see the whole student. KneoWorld recognizes each student’s differences and facilitates inclusion. Students are encouraged to be active participants in their learning experience. 

Family engagement is important and KneoWorld provides easy-to-use resources that encourage family involvement. KneoWorld emphasizes student-family-teacher relationships with tools that strengthen these relationships.

KneoWorld complements your existing curriculum. Since it is delivered in real-time, successes and mistakes are easily identified and can be addressed. Teachers can use KneoWorld for progress monitoring to inform instructional practices that meet the individual needs of their students.

 When children’s needs are met, they can achieve anything.

“Putting your student’s emotional needs first is important because without feeling safe and understood, no instructional strategy will be effective.” Jasper Fox, Sr.

Ready to take the next step towards enhancing your teaching practices and fostering educational equity in your classroom? Contact us today to learn more about KneoWorld’s resources and how they can complement your existing curriculum.


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