All children should have the opportunity to succeed, regardless of their academic ability.

Our goal is to provide educational pathways that lead to independent living. Our programs enhance functional language, from literacy and numeracy to creative and critical thinking, that can lead to increased living and vocational opportunities for every student.

Critical Thinking
Life Skills

Our technology-based solutions are founded on standards and measurements that highly engage learners to perform to their potential. Our programs enhance teaching and learning for students of all abilities, while promoting educational equity, to close the achievement gap.

Our Approach

When teacher directed, the combination of comic-book story adventures and educational games become a powerful learning tool with limitless lesson opportunities for students with exceptional needs.

Our technology-based learning programs enhance teaching and learning in four critical ways:
•   Engage students
•   Provide immediate measurable results
•   Complement curriculum
•   Build confidence

When used independently, students advance through the programs at their own pace. Achievement is tracked and measured in real time and feedback is instantly available.

Either teacher directed, or student initiated, our diverse range of programs empowers learners of varying abilities to learn at their own pace.


Episodic Adventure Stories

In KneoWorld’s adventure stories, children join the KneoExplorers on an exciting learning journey. One day they are leaning math in an ancient Mayan temple, the next day they join them in their spaceship to learn about the solar system.

Audio assisted storytelling aids reading, and each episode keeps students absorbed and eager to take on each learning game challenge as they pop up through the story. Comprehension questions at the end of each episode provide instant feedback on how each child understood the content.

Educational Games Library

KneoWorld offers hundreds of content-based, educational activities that engage and motivate. Curated for students of varying abilities, particularly for those with exceptional needs, our programs are designed to help students focus, persevere and learn at their own pace.

Teachers have full control of content and ability levels.  After selecting the learning category and ability level, the range of suitable programs becomes accessible for each individual learner. Analytics measure a child’s growth and development within these ability levels.


Our technology captivates the imagination and can unlock hidden potential and the real abilities of students, especially for those whom learning presents moderate to significant challenges.

KneoWorld adventure stories and game-based learning activities are designed to meet four(4) ability levels:

•  Early learner
•  Emerging learner
•  Developing learner
•  Proficient learner

Students, regardless of grade, age or cognitive ability, can access activities to learn the appropriate skills they need to acquire, practice or apply. The range of learning activities is vast and enables educators to personalize instruction for students of varying abilities and learning environments. When integrated in to a standing curriculum KneoWorld is an integral part of AIS, IEP’s, UDL and other best practice models.


Assess student progress

KneoWorld technology-based learning programs provide immediate and measurable results through our Educator Dashboard that allows teachers, principals and parents to monitor individual student progress in six learning categories.

About Us

Enhancing education through technology

Created in collaboration with teachers and leading educators, our programs have proven effective in helping students, particularly those with additional needs to better focus and learn.

We provide informative and fun professional development workshops for educators to ensure all students get the most from our educational programs. We'd love to demonstrate for you - email us! Learn more about our Educator Advisory Board here.

All KneoWorld programs are password protected and secure. They are free of pop-up advertising and links to other sites. We are diligent in our compliance with international regulations regarding Internet child safety, including adherence to the General Data Protection Regulation adopted throughout the European Union (EU). Our programs also meet United States COPPA compliance standards