KneoWorld – Revolutionizing Education to Enrich Reading and Math for Pre-K through Grade 6, both in the USA and Globally.

Discover how KneoWorld’s enrichment program seamlessly integrates the Science of Reading into teaching methods. 

Welcome to KneoWorld Education

Here’s a snapshot of what we’re all about:KneoWorld collaborates with educators and families to provide equitable learning opportunities, ensuring every student’s success. We recognize the rich and diverse experiences each child brings, and we’re committed to supporting their unique educational paths.

We seamlessly integrate technology and hands-on learning. We offer instructional strategies rooted in the Science of Reading to enhance your students’ literacy skills. In literacy and math, we focus on strengthening students’ skills using research-based best practices for differentiated instruction. This approach ensures that every student benefits from personalized support tailored to their individual needs and strengths. Our standards align with State Standards encompassing a comprehensive range of units for each grade level.

KneoWorld at a glance

  • Curriculum developed with research-based best practices in mind
  • Measurable results
  • Aligned with state standards

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We collaborate with educators to develop:

  • Professional teacher training to improve the quality of learning at home or school.
  • Culturally responsive instructional resources.
  • Information and tools to support authentic connections with their students.
  • The ability to offer both online and hands-on activities.
  • Easy to access data to inform their teaching practices.
  • Pedagogical tools to complement social and emotional development.
KneoWorld does all this and more!

Methods: Our teaching methods prioritize:

  • Cultivating environments that encourage independent thought and teamwork.
  • Upholding high standards and rigor.
  • Embracing inclusivity and culturally responsive teaching practices.
  • Offering continuous professional development opportunities.

Materials: Our carefully curated resources emphasize:

  • Celebrating diverse cultures, communities, and student identities.
  • Promoting social-emotional learning and strong relationships with students and families.
  • Encouraging project-based learning, student-led civic engagement, and leadership.
  • Providing resources from a variety of racial, cultural, and linguistic backgrounds.
  • Adapting instructional strategies to individual student needs.
  • Championing diversity, equity, and inclusion for educators.

What's in Our Teacher's Guide

  • Unit Overviews: Features Backward Design for goal-oriented planning.
  • Assessments and Rubrics: Includes essential tools for measuring progress.
  • Lesson Plans: Provides clear guides for effective enrichment activities.
  • Materials and Resources: Offers all needed materials for streamlined preparation.

Assessment: Easy access, standards aligned pre and post reporting

We view assessment as a continuous process to understand a student’s learning journey. Our curriculum offers varied assessment methods, including:

    • Formative pre-/post-assessments to gauge learning progress.
    • Online task-based games for interactive learning.
    • Reflection activities to encourage self-assessment.
    • Printable handouts for additional practice.
    • Collaborative tasks to foster teamwork skills.
This approach ensures educators have a comprehensive understanding of each student’s needs.

Interested to find out more about the benefits of KneoWorld for your school or district?