KneoWorld technology-based learning programs engage kids with special needs to help build their confidence, solve problems, focus, reason, and be resilient.

Our diverse programs empower learners of varying ability levels to control their learning. We offer six learning categories that engage and challenge.

Critical Thinking
Life Skills

Students advance through the programs at their own pace. Achievement is measured and progress tracked in real time, with instant feedback to empower educators and students.

Our Approach

KneoWorld content is accessible, fun and educational. Adventure stories and learning activities provide a powerful combination of reading-based and gameplay-based learning.

Our story is created around nine super heroes from the future — eight KneoExplorers and their spacedog, Woof. Each KneoExplorer has a distinct style and personality, in addition to special skills. The KneoExplorers and Woof lead students through a world of discovery, from literacy to science to math to art in episodic stories and learning activities.

Assisted by audio instruction and storytelling, the programs are manageable for learners at many levels. Student progress is captured instantly and measured on a Teacher Dashboard in a report format that scores tasks by level and time.

Adventure Stories

KneoWorld adventure stories take the KneoExplorers on exciting learning journeys. One day, kids can learn math in an ancient Mayan temple. The next day, they can join the KneoExplorers in their spaceship to learn about the solar system.

We believe learning should be fun. Our goal is for children to learn in a way that feels natural and keeps them interested.

Learning Activities

KneoWorld offers hundreds of educational activities that engage and motivate. Curated for students with special needs, our programs are designed to help kids focus, be resilient, and learn at their own pace.

Teachers use KneoWorld programs to help measure a child’s growth and development. Students are challenged in familiar and fun ways as they progress and learn.

About Us

Our technology-based learning programs are created in collaboration with teachers and leading educators. Our programs have proven effective in helping students with special needs focus and learn. KneoWorld programs are in active use in public schools in all five boroughs of New York City.

Children should be given every opportunity to succeed, regardless of their academic ability. So we design technology-based learning programs that challenge, reward, and build confidence.

Learn more about our education advisors at Educator Advisory Board.

We provide informative fun professional development workshops for principals and teachers to ensure participating schools and students get the most from our education program.

All KneoWorld programs are password protected and secure. They are free of pop-up advertising and links to other sites. We are a global company and diligent in our compliance with international regulations regarding Internet child safety, including adherence to the General Data Protection Regulation adopted throughout the European Union (EU). Our programs also meet United States COPPA compliance standards.