Dr Monica Carr Research Scientist (Video)

Dr. Monica E. Carr

  • Research Fellow – The University of Melbourne, Melbourne, Australia
  • Member Board of Directors – Genesis SPED Singapore
  • Consulting Editor – Preventing School Failure, Taylor & Francis


Monash University recently completed its pilot study using robust methodology based on the United States Department of Education research standards, What Works Clearinghouse (WWC).

Two questions were answered during this mixed methods research study:

  • What impact does KneoWorld have on students’ task engagement and behavior?
  • How do students and pedagogical experts rate the usefulness of KneoWorld?

The answers were significant and positive:

  • Students exhibited high and extremely high rates of time on task (engagement).
  • Students demonstrated highly appropriate social skills.
  • Students displayed highly appropriate behavior.
  • Experts confirm KneoWorld is beneficial in the classroom.

The study’s population consisted of students attending an alternate school. Most of these students were diagnosed with ADHD, ASD, and Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD). Students attend this school because they are precluded from participating in a mainstream classroom due to the severity of their behavior and/or social challenges.

Further, the study was done at the end of each school day when attention levels are at the lowest point. This demonstrates how highly effective KneoWorld is under the most challenging of conditions. Read the study in its entirety here.