young boy drawing a picture from an ipad screen

Our Approach

Our goal is to promote education equity by providing teachers with easy access to data-driven lessons that support student learning both on and off screen.

The KneoWorld team partners with educators to provide ongoing support and ensure every student enjoys lessons individually tuned to their needs, at home and at school.

“The teachers loved it! KneoWorld gave us assessments right at hand. The parents could get it. It’s really powerful and also strengthens the connection between home and school. KneoWorld rocks. I think it addresses what students need to know, and what they are currently learning in technology, and it’s fun! It brings learning and enjoyment together.”


– Assistant Principal, Elementary School, New York City

Why it works

  • Imaginative, colorful, and immersive learning that students want to engage with
  • Mathematics instruction powered by storytelling
  • Blended learning to provide online and offline learning opportunities
  • Support for ELL students
  • Continuous data-driven student assessments to measure growth
  • An analytics dashboard to allow educators and parents to instantly see learning progression
  • Extensive support materials including curriculum, lesson plans, and workbooks
  • Ongoing professional development for educators, via webinars and courses

KneoWorld key foundations

  • Collaborate with educators to create meaningful lessons covering the curriculum
  • Use research to guide the design and development of resources
  • Offer structure and support to all learners online and offline
  • Provide ongoing, pedagogy-focused professional development


Evidence-based research supports KneoWorld’s Blended Learning programs. Watch the video with Dr Monica Carr.