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Summer 2021-Enjoying the Learning: The Individual Play Plan  There is one question that is top-of-mind for teachers, parents/caregivers, and administrators: will students be successful the following school year?  This is not a new question, as it drives learning plans and activities throughout the year.  But what is uncommon is the year we just experienced. The markers that we usually have to help us answer the question have been obscured by the murkiness of uncertainty

The Pandemic Effect-What Can We Do For Ourselves So We Can Help Our Students?  The pandemic and its impacts-societal, familial, individual-will be studied for years to come. The pandemic is still with us as we move into summer and school year 21/22. Life continues to change, but in pockets. While we see positive signs, it is impossible not to feel some level of continued pandemic-related anxiety. Wide-spread media coverage, uncertainty, and health-protecting measures all

Taking your child outdoors each day is probably already part of your healthy homeschool routine. In addition to play and exercise, there are a world of benefits and learning opportunities just ripe for the picking! Richard Louv, author of many books on the importance of incorporating nature into our own and our children’s’ lives, says, "Research suggests that exposure to the natural world - including nearby nature in cities - helps improve human

Dr. Monica E. Carr Research Fellow - The University of Melbourne, Melbourne, Australia Member Board of Directors - Genesis SPED Singapore Consulting Editor - Preventing School Failure, Taylor & Francis EVIDENCE SUPPORTS USE OF KNEOWORLD GAME-BASED LEARNING PROGRAM Monash University recently completed its pilot study using robust methodology based on the United States Department of Education research standards, What Works Clearinghouse (WWC). Two questions were answered during this mixed methods research study: What impact does KneoWorld