COPPA Compliance Statement

KneoWorld, Inc

COPPA Statement

Last changed: 2 February 2020

KneoWorld, Inc. produces online educational programs for the use of students. Our website is designed for teachers to create access and manage their students learning without risking their online security.

Contact Details

KneoWorld’s office postal address is: 1412 Broadway, 21st Floor, New York, NY 10018. Our telephone number is: Toll Free:1-800-213-7456. Our email addressis

Our Online Software

Our online software programs are designed to provide school control over usage. The school administrator or teacher assigns students to classes and our system generates school-based usercodes and individual 4-digit passwords for student user accounts. The program does not require student email addresses.

Information Collected

We respect the privacy of children, and do not collect any more personal information than reasonably necessary to enable them to use our programs. See our Privacy Policy for complete policy disclosure.

Parental Review

As a parent, you have the legal right to review and secure correction of personal information that we have obtained from your child under the age of 13. You also have the right to withdraw or limit your previous consent to our collection and use of the personal information of your child under the age of 13.

In order to exercise these rights, parents should contact us by email at: We will not release any personal information of children under the age of 13 to persons claiming to be those children’s parents without verification that the child’s parent is requesting the information.


If we make any material change to this notice or the informational practices with regard to children that were in effect when your consent to the collection of your child’s personal information was obtained, we will, as required by law, send you a new notice and request your consent.

General Notice

We take seriously our obligation to safeguard the confidentiality, security and integrity of personal information collected from our customers, and have established and will maintain procedures that are designed for that purpose. Children and parents should be aware, however, that no system is completely secure from hackers, network failure and error, and we cannot guarantee the confidentiality, security and integrity of information maintained on our service.

Finally, it is important to us that members and their parents understand our policy and practices concerning the collection, disclosure and use of our members’ personal information.

We encourage you to carefully read our privacy policy . If you have any questions about our information practices, please contact us by email: