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Homeschooling Families

Our Homeschool program supports the unique needs of your children. Easy to use, reading and math enrichment for PreK- Grade 6. Our characters engage through stories and games. Kneoworld is affordable, powerful and flexible.

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Individualized Learning

Our program can be tuned to your child’s individual needs. Stories, Adventures and games captivate their imagination to make them want to learn.

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Analytics and Data

Your child’s progress is assessed via our analytics dashboard so you can see what they are learning.

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Exclusive Membership

Access to our exclusive membership group. Gain tips to get the most out of KneoWorld and e-meet other homeschooling parents and teachers.

KneoWorld Curriculum

You receive a curriculum planner, with day-by-day lessons, workbooks and hands-on activities. We understand that every student learns differently, that’s why KneoWorld Lessons are easily allocated by student’s grade level or specifically by learning domain. This means that students can be learning math at one level and reading at another. The analytics guide you to your child’s learning needs. You can easily toggle on and off access to our Adventures and Brain Games.

  • 240+
    Lessons & Plans
  • 29
  • 100s
    Brain games

Learning that

  • Caters to the need and ability of the individual
  • Engages, encourages, and empowers students
  • Reinforces instruction, identifies gaps in learning, and measures student growth
  • Offers a flexible, data-driven approach, with limitless digital resources.


What you’ll get

Designed for today’s learners

  • Access to our entire platform (from PreK to Grade 6)
  • Curriculum planner
  • Lesson Plans
  • Student Workbooks
  • Technical support
  • Hands-on activities
  • A new approach to STEM learning soon to launch.

Homeschool KneoWorld Learning at Home

Choose from the following options and receive instant access to KneoWorld Homeschool Academy.

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All lessons
Analytics dashboard
Brain games
Curriculum planners
Printable workbooks
Exclusive group membership
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* Money back guarantee – Monthly subscription 7 days, Yearly subscription 30 days

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2 Child $12 $95
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"My kids and I love using KneoWorld to practice reading and math! The program is easy to use, and everything I need is provided to me ... nothing to set up or assign. My kids love the stories and games, they are colorful and fun. I really like the dashboard too, I can see how my kids are doing as they play games and complete lessons. The dashboard gives me great data to use for my records!"

Jennifer (Homeschool Mom)

Denver, Colorado